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Dept. of Assamese


Since the establishment of Kamarbandha College in 1986, the Department of Assamese has been an integral part of the college. The College received approvel from Dibrugarh University in 1997-1998 to open major in Assamese.Since then the student of this rural area have benefited greatly from studying  Assamese as a subject in our College .

       The students passing B.A. in Assamese from the College have achieved excellence in the field of Assamese Language, Literature and culture in the passing years. The Department Continues the intellectual and artistic development of the students through various constructive activities. Keeping the view of intellectual development of the students the department started ‘Mukuta Sahitya Chora’ in 2013. This literary  square implemented a programme ‘Swacha Abhiyan ‘ in 2019. To bring awareness programme among the students towards importantance of cleanliness and to arouse their collective responsibility was the main objective of this cleanliness campaign. In the same year annual lecture programme was organized by ‘Mukuta sahitya chora’. A hand written collection of literary composition (Prabhandha Sankalan) by students of Assamese department was also inaugurated in the same day.                              In 2021, the annual lecture programme was organized by ‘Mukuta sahitya chora’ with the title ‘Axomiya Natokor Samogrik Bisleshon’ (overall analysis of Assamese drama).

           The wall magazine of the department ‘’Prajgnya (wisdom)’’ was started in the year 2021. Assamese department has been continuing its efforts for artistic and intellectual development of the students by organizing various activities like Vishnu Rabha Divas, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s death day, Seminar among students in every year. In addition to regular online classes during lock down period of the COVID-19 pandemic, an web conference was held in September 2020. In addition to it another online lecture programme was conducted by the department in 2021.

           On the 10th December, 2021 the students of the 3rd and 5th semester of Assamese department were taken on an educational trip from the college to historical places Kachamari, Joypukhuri of Golaghat district. The department also publishes its departmental mouthpiece ‘’Jonak’’ on regular basis.

Faculty members

Nirupoma Borah