Affiliated to dibrugarh University





About the Cell :

  • As per recommendation of Hon'able Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety (CORS) kamarbandha College constituted a Transport Management Committee on 30/11/2021.The aim of the committee is to provide road safety information to our students and staff members to encourage safer road user behaviour and reduce accidents and deaths on road every year. Road safety education is as essential as any other basic skills of survival.

Objectives of the committee :-

  • To bring awareness among the students and teachers about road safety norms.
  • To encourage students and teachers to wear helmets while riding two wheelers and seat belts while driving cars.
  • Issuing vehicle entry pass to all the students and teachers carrying vehicles inside the campus.
  • To verify all relevant documents of vehicles.


  • Hanging a banner highlighting as ''Do not enter the college premises without wearing helmet and seatbelt. "
  • Organize a meeting among the committee members and take the decision to organize a 'Road Safety Awareness Programme ' and issue vehicle entry passes to all the two wheelers and car users.
  • The committee organize a awareness programme among the staff members and students of the college on "Road Safety Awareness Programme " on 30-12-2021.Mrs. MalajyotiGogoi, Asstt. Professor, department of English was the resource person of the programme.