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Anti-Ragging Committe Kamarbandha College

Chairperson: Mr. Atul Saikia

Convener:Mrs Sewali Deka

Faculty members: Bornali Baruah, Nirupoma Borah, Uddip Khonikor, Jayanta Madhab Borah, Horen Bora

Student members: Mintu Karmakar,Rimpi Hazarika.

As per the UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institution, 2009, Kamarbandha College formed the anti-ragging committee of the College in 2013 taking the Principal as the chairperson and Mrs Sewali Deka as Convener along with other seven members including two student members as follows:

1.Faculty members: Bornali Baruah, Nirupoma Borah, Uddip Khonikor, Jayanta Madhab Borah, Horen Bora
  2.Student members: Mintu Karmakar,Rimpi Hazarika.

Kamarbandha College has zero tolerance for activities like ragging from the beginning. But since the establishment of the committee strong effort has been made to make the institution ragging-free creating awareness among the students.


  • To create a ragging-free environment in the college to ensure the students a carefree and encouraging environment.
  • To create awareness among the students on the harmful effect of ragging and build a high level confidence among the new comers.
  • To adopt different measures for the violation of the Anti-Ragging Policy" by anybody concerned.

Methods of action:

  • At the eve of every academic session the newly admitted students are informed of the anti-ragging policy of the institution through a general meeting of the students and teachers and advised to inform the anti-ragging committee in case any incident of such kind occurs to them. If any ragging case is reported to the committee then that must be settled within two days taking immediate action.
  • There is the provision of a get-together meeting before the Freshers' social at the department level as well as General Freshers' social with due permission of the authority which is held in presence of faculty members.
  • A meeting if the anti-ragging committee is held before the admission process of the new students. Since there is the provision of including two student members in the committee, the resolutions of the meeting is conveyed to the micro level.

It is the pride of the institution that for the initiative of the committee and the socio-academic environment of it no ragging case has been reported the date

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