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Infrastructure Facilities:

The infrastructure of Kamarbandha College is adequate but not in a greater extent. It is sufficient for a single shift scheme of the college.

RCC BUILDINGS: The college has two RCC buildings. One of them is two storied having 9 (nine) class rooms, one library cum reading room, (a part of it is used as a museum) IQAC Office, one computer lab and a conference Hall with 4 (four) toilet blocks. The other is of single storied with an attached toilet block. The buildings are maintained as follows:

  1. There are two grade 4 employees engaged to look after the building. They maintain the cleanliness of the rooms.
  2. Every class room for Honours subjects contains 6 (six) pairs of desks and benches while the other two general class rooms contain 10 (ten) pairs each. Every class room is provided with one white marker board.
  3. Along with the grade 4 employees, the students, especially the NCC and NSS members also take care to keep the entire building neat and clean.
  4. A librarian, a library assistant and a bearer manage the library, following the library rules and regulations.
  5. The college museum has some antique things representing the culture of the society. It is maintained by the library staff.
  6. The single storied building has been used as the teachers' common room.
  7. There are 10(ten desktops) in the computer lab. It is conducted basically by the computer faculty.
  8. The conference hall has 70 (seventy seat capacity) with a projector and an attached toilet. Classes on power point presentation are also held in that room.


The college has 4(four) Assam type buildings (one of them is kachcha bamboo building with galvanized roofing.)

Purposes and Services of the buildings:

  1. One Assam type building has the administrative block and the girls' common room. One Assam type building has five class rooms.
  2. Two rooms can hold 30 pairs of desks and benches. Another general class room has 13 pairs of desks and benches. There are 2 class rooms for Honours subjects, each containing 6 pairs of desks and benches.
  3. One Assam type building is of 2 rooms, used as offices of NCC and Students' Union Body.
  4. The kachcha building of the college is a traditional structure preserved as an identity of a rural area college. Sometimes it is used for taking classes and also in some functional activities of the college. It has three rooms, one of them is proposed to be used as the office of the Alumni Association.

The college auditorium is a big one having a seat capacity of about five hundred people with a stage of 20X40 feet.


The college canteen is in the form of a traditional house made of bamboo, with galvanized roofing. It is run and maintained by an ex-student of the college.


The college has a health centre attached with the Auditorium.


The college has 8 toilet blocks,four for boys and four for girls.Two toilets were built by NRL, Golaghat.


The college has a cycle stand of 10X100 feet.


  1. The college playground is a well-planned one surrounded by a boundary wall. It is maintained by the college authority.
  2. The college has tea plantation on around 4 bighas of land. It is maintained by the college authority with the help of the grade 4 employees and the students.
  3. The college has two flower gardens in front of the administrative building and the two storied RCC building maintained by the fourth-grade employees and students of the college.There is a herbal garden also in front of the teachers' common room. It is maintained by the teaching staff with the help of non-teaching staff.
  4. There is an open space between the college auditorium and the college building. It is used as a car parking area of the college.
  5. The pond of the college is serves as a reservoir of rain water and conservation of biodiversity.

All these infrastructures are maintained by the college authority in collaboration with the Governing body, IQAC, employees, students and the alumni.

Students' Welfare Scheme.

  1. Government ScholarshipView
  2. Freeship : Freeship is a financial aid provided to students that belonging to economically weaker sections of society. It is basically an examption from paying tution fees. Educational institutions offer freeship to students who are in need.View
  3. College Scholarship: Best graduate Scheme


  1. National Cadet Crops both boys' and girls'( NCC)
  2. National Service Scheme(NSS)
  3. Red Ribbon Club(RRC)
  4. Add on Courses
  5. DCA and PGDCA course
  6. literary development & sports.
  7. The college organised regularly various programmes; such as - Foundation Day, College Week, Freshman Social, Republic day, Independence day, Teacher's day, Open quiz Competition, World Environment day, International Women day, Human rights day, Library day, World Health day, Gandhi Jayanti, International Yoga day, Saraswati Puja, Book Fair and Exhibition programme, Community Development Programme, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Death Anniversary, World Manstrual day, Voters day, Mental and physical Health check up camp, Blood Donation camp, Special talk programme .

Moreover, Kamarbandha college has Placement Cell, Career Counselling and Guidance Cell, Incubation Centre, Research and extension cell, Alumni Association etc.

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