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RRC advisory committee Kamarbandha College

Chairperson: Mr. Atul Saikia

Co-Chairperson: Mrs. Rumi Bharali

Convenor : Mrs. Barnali Boruah

Coordinator : Horen Bora

Join Convenor : Kiron Jyoti Saikia

Join Convenor : Priyanki Bora

Finance officer : Dr. Aparajita Gogoi

Finance officer : Dr. Aparajita Gogoi

Two staff members : 1. Ashok Saikia    2. Minakshi Bora

Two Student Volunteers: 1. Minakhi Sahu    2. Abhinab Jyoti Gogoi

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon is the international symbol of HIVand AIDS awareness and it offers a symbol ofhope and support for those living with HIV, forcontinuing education of those not infected, formaximum efforts to find effective treatments,cures or vaccines and for those who have lostfriends, members or loved onesto AIDS.

Objective Red Ribbon Club

  • To reduce new HIV infection among youth by raising their riskperception through awareness on Sex, Sexuality and HIV & AIDS.
  • To induce among youth the spirit to help and support people livingwith HIV/AIDS.
  • To motivate youth and build their capacity as peer educators andchange agents by developing their skills or leadership, negotiationand team building
  • To promote voluntary non-remunerated blood donation amongyouth.
  • Observance of important days
  • Educate youth with correct, concise and adequate information


  • On 25th February, 2021 RRC Advisorycommittee was formed under the guidance ofthe honourable principal Mr. Atul Saikia sirwith motto of prevention is better than cure.The advisory committee consist of Elevenmembers including chairperson, vicechairperson, convenor, coordinator, financeofficer, joint convenor, two staff members andtwo students volunteers.


  • On 12 August, 2021, RRC Kamarbandha College hasparticipated in the launch event awareness campaign on HIV,AIDS, T.B and Blood Donation awareness organized byNational AIDS control organization and state AIDS controlsociety Assam.
  • On 20th August, 2021 RRC Kamarbandha College successfullyconduct quiz, poster competition on HIV AIDS, T.B and BloodDonation among the students
  • On 8th November, 2021, Two students of our collegeparticipated in the zonal level RR Quiz Competition 2021organized by Assam state AIDS Control Society and RRC