Affiliated to dibrugarh University




Our Courses

Course of study for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A) which shall be three years duration distributed in six semesters.

Semester Classifications:

  1. 1st, 3rd & 5th Semesters- Odd Semesters: June 01- November 30
  2. 2nd, 4th & 6th Semesters- Even Semesters: December 01- May 31

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): A student who has passed the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2) of the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council, or an equivalent examination (10+2) recognized as such by the University, shall be eligible for admission into the First Semester of the Six Semester Degree Course in Arts in Semester System.

Structure of Courses of the Programmes:

  1. Core Courses:    Assamese,Economics,Philosophy,Political Science
  2. Ability Enhencement courses(AEC):   Communicative English, Environmental Science and MIL
  3. Skill Enhencement Courses:    Adobe Photo Shop,Computer Application,Web designing
  4. Elective Courses:    GEC and DSE


Core Subjects(Non Major):

  1. English, Assamese (MIL), political Science, Philosophy, Economics ,Education, History, Sociology,Computer Application

Major Subjects:

  1. Assamese, political Science, philosophy, Economics