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Accredited B+ by NAAC

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Dept. of Political Science


Kamarbandha College is one of the foremost higher educational Institutions in Golaghat District. It was established in 1986. From the beginning,   the political science department considered as one of the most important department .The department of political science is fully dedicated in teaching and service. As a department Political science aims to provide the basic knowledge of Political science to the pupil. At present, there are four faculty members in the department and all are doing their duty with dedication and sincerely.          

Vision and Mission:

         The department aims to provide an environment in which students can understand the political system and to create awareness among the students about various Rights, Liberties and Freedom. Department also aims to make the department a centre for excellence in political studies and to develop critical insight .The principal objectives and goals of the department are­­­---

  1. To provide quality education in the field of higher education.
  2. To communicate the Vision and Mission of the college to the students.
  3. Popularize the undergraduate Major course.
  4. To serve for students and community as a whole.
  5. To make aware the students about the different Socio-Economic, Political issues by teaching them the subjects like, Human Rights public policy, administrative setup etc.


  1. Major
  2. Pass/Core

Programme Specific Outcome:

  1. To provide the knowledge and skill for students.
  2. Motivating students for professional career as a Teacher, Administrator Political Scientists etc.
  3. To provide the basic and the ground knowledge about the political system.
  4. Encourage for critical thinking and train them in politics at local as well as in national level.
  5. -Organize youth Parliament, Observe important international and national day.


The department has the following facilities—


  1. The department has a well accommodated class room.
  2. The department has its own library with ***no’s of books.
  3. The department provides remedial classes for the slow learners.
  4. Tutorial classes for the students of all semesters.
  5. All faculty members are highly qualified and dedicated.
  6. Friendly relations between students and teachers.
  7. Monitoring student’s academic progress.
  8. Counseling for career guidance.
  9. Facilities of Digital class room.








Jayanta  Madhab Borah

MA, M. Phil

Assistant Professor

Group – c

Govt. & Politics


Nitu Baruah

MA, M. phil

Assistant Professor

Group- B International Relation


Horen Bora


Assistant Professor



Diganta Ligira


Assistant Professor

Group- B

Faculty members

Sri Nitu Boruah
Horen bora
Mr Jayanta Madhab Borah