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Dept. of Education


Kamarbandha College was established in 1986 and the department of Education has been started from the beginning of the college with higher secondary course. The subject education was introduced with the B.A. course in the year 1997. With only five students, the department journey was started from the academic year 1998. Now the seats are available in the department. The department has three full time teachers. Majority of students come from rural background and tea garden area with low income group. The department plays a vital role in offering Non-Honours courses of studies, followed the curriculum prescribed by Dibrugarh University. Now, responding to the demand of the students, the department has proposed to the authority to introduce Major Course and already necessary proposal are submitted by the authority of the college. The Department of Education has accorded permission from Dibrugarh University to start Honours from this Academic year 2022-2023. The facilities of the department are a well accommodated classroom, a library with a good collection of books, a common digital classroom, etc. The teacher’s of the department use innovative techniques and methods for regular teaching-learning process. The department also arranged many extension & co-curricular activities for the welfare of the students. The department’s bilingual Wall Magazine ‘Alok’ has been published by the department since the academic session 2020-2021. Therefore, Department is planned to launch a departmental website for availability of departmental data of both students and teachers.

Vision: The department endeavours to impart quality education to students and equip students 

                 with knowledge, life skills, values and positive attitudes.

Mission: Our mission is to give good quality graduates to the society, so that society can get     some not only survive in the society but also they can give something good to the society.

Course Offered by the Department:

Bachelor of Arts (BA), Non-honours Course: Discipline Specific Elective (DSE), Generic Elective (GE), Skill Enhancement Course (SEC). Recently, Honours course in Education is included in the Department.

Syllabi of BA Non-honours and Honours Course under CBCS under Dibrugarh University:

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO) & Course Outcome (CO):

Education is the process of facilitating learning or acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, believes habits and personal development. It is an interdisciplinary subject that draws on sociology, psychology, philosophy, history etc. Education can be seen as an attempt to change a person’s behavior according to the accepted norms of the society in which he lives. Without education a person is not likely to say, do and think, or in other words, behave, in a socially desirable way. It is only education that shapes a person’s behavior.

Programme Specific Outcome & Course Outcome. Click here

Students Progression: From the last five years the relevant information and data are kept in the department. Few students are study in higher education; some are engaged in teaching profession and other areas.

Resources of the Department: The total strength of the students is 80. There are three full time faculties which are all female in the department.

Present Faculty Members of the department:


Name of faculty


Date of Joining

Area of Interest / Specialization


Dr. Monimala Borgohain

Assistant Professor


Educational Psychology


Mrs. Archana Borah Pathak


Assistant Professor, HoD


Economics of Education


Mrs. Banashree Boruah

Assistant Professor


Population Education

Faculty members

Banashree Boruah
Mrs.Archana Borah Pathak
Dr. Monimala Borgohain