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Dept. of Sociology


A Brief Background:

 The Department of Sociology in Kamarbandha College was established in 1986 and afforded to the Government with concurrence in 1997-98. Government letter No. B(2)H689/9s4/27 on the 13th of March, 1996. Mrs. Renu Neog was the department’s founding faculty member, and Jyotilakshmi Chutia, Nitul Bora, and Uddip Khanikar joined shortly after. The Sociology Department was formed with higher secondary courses right from the start. The Department of Sociology was first included in the B.A. curriculum of Kamarbandha College in the year 1997. In 1997-98, the processes of the academic year were initiated and its adventure began. At present, there are three permanent assistant professors in the department of sociology, i.e., Mr. Uddip Khanikar, Mr. Sanjib Chutia (HOD) and Mr. Biren Nath. The faculties are always dedicated and sincere in their academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Each department has its own library, which contains a substantial percentage of books. Students and teachers usually visit the departmental and college libraries, both of which are stocked with old and new books. In addition, the department provides web links to required fields. Each paper comes with a number of study materials.

 Mission: The mission of the sociology department at Kamarbandha College is to educate the next generation of sociologists on the most recent theories. With strong moral and spiritual principles, they will be the generation of our future.

Vision: The vision of the department is to become a well-known and popular one inside the organization. We sincerely hope to create a department that students are glad to be associated with.


Course Offered by the Department:

  • Bachelor of Arts(B.A), Non honourse  Course-Discipline Specific Course(DSE), Generic Elective(GE),Skill Enhancement Course(SEC)
  • Honourse Course


Syllabi of BA Non-Honourse and Course under CBCS under Dibrugarh University:

  • Syllabi of BA Non-honourse Course-   clickhere
  • Syllabi of B.A. Honourse Course-         clickhere






Faculty members

Biren Nath
Sanjib Chutia