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Our History

Library is an extension of human memory. It is the repository of human culture, oral and written. In modern sense, the library is the logical laboratory for learning about human interaction with information system and intellectual processes associated with information acquisition and problem solving.

The library of Kamarbandha College was established in the year 1986.


Kamarbandha College Library is generally a big library. There is adequate space to keep the library materials or library equipment. There are fourteen almirahs and three racks for keeping the library books, newspapers, magazines etc. Seven almirahs are kept for Reference Books and other seven almirahs contain Textbooks. There is also an almirah which is used for official purpose. It has a big oval table which is used for reading by the library users. Every student reads on this table maintaining silence. On one side of the table, there is a big chair which is offered to Mr. DebeswarGogoi, the founder Principal of Kamarbandha College.

The Library is kept neat and clean by the library staff. Every textbook and Reference book, journal, magazine and instruments of the Museum are classified by Dewey decimal classification System. Newspapers are compiled yearly basis and these are kept in the periodical section in the library. Reprographic facility is available in the library. The circulation Section is inside the library in front of the studentsí reading room.


The main motto of Kamarbandha College Library is to establish a right context between the right reader and right books and to provide right information to the right reader at right time and in right way

The main objectives of the library are as follows:

  1. To serve the curricular, cultural and general educational requirements of the academic community.
  2. To provide suitable reading environment.
  3. To create love for books
  4. To help the young students in preparing them for advanced studies and for shouldering the higher responsibilities in future life.
  5. To provide an active information service.
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Library Staff

Name:Diganta Bora
Name:Dilip Dutta