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Our History

Kamarbandha college library is situated at the central position of the college.The library building is physically large one. It is two storied building with an area of 9,200 sq. fit in the ground floor and 4,400 sq,fit in the first floor. In the ground floor ,some more class rooms ,toilets and store rooms attached in the building . In the first floor, there is a wide space library building providing adequate comfortable physical facilities for study. Therfore,an electronic library facilities adjust in the library to help students to meet the new challenges.

The library is consisted of librarian chamber, charging and discharging counter, stock room, reading room,reference section and periodical section.The library is well equipped and well maintained in suitable healthy academic atmosphere. Really the building is very much decorated with the flower garden and tea garden which is in front of the building.

The library remains open for six days in a week except govt. hollidays. The working hour of the library is from 10:a.m to 5:00 p.m.

Library rules

  1. As users are not allowed to bring books or other belonging inside the library. A"property counter" is installed near the entrance.A record of daily visitors and their purpose to visit to the library is maintained in the form of "Gate Register".
  2. All students admitted into Kamarbandha college are member of the college library by virtue of the library fees they pay along with the tution fees.
  3. The library card is not transferable
  4. Books must be returned within 15 days from the date of issue.
  5. Books has to be returned 7 days before commencement of summer vacation .
  6. In case of loss of library card , he/ she should immediately report to the Librarian.

Library collections

In order to satisfy the varied academic and extra curricular needs of students and teachers, the library acquires a wide varity of learning and teaching materials. These are available in the library which may be grouped as-

  1. A good collection with multiple copies of text books and other recommended books .
  2. Reference books such as general and subject encyclopaedias, language and subject dictionaries ,handbooks, manuals, biographical and geographical tools carerier handbooks general knowledge , gazzetiers are available in the library.
  3. A browsing collection of light reading materials like biographies ,fiction e.t.c are available here.
  4. Journal articles like India Today,vigyan surabhi, Natune Srijone, Wisdom, Aspire, Reader,s Digest; Multiple copies of research jounal "The Heritage" are available in the library.
  5. Periodical article like Newspaper-Amar asom, Dainik janambhumi, The Assam Tribune;Magazine like-Abhigyan, Prantik are also avalable in the library.

Library services

  1. Text book services.
  2. Lending services.
  3. Reading room services.
  4. Reference services.
  5. Reprographic services.
  6. Free internet services.

Library facilities

  1. The facilities of extra reading room for the students and teachers .
  2. Daily newspapers are available.
  3. Monthly megazines ,journals are available in the library.
  4. Proper electricity facilities like light ,fans ,are available.
  5. In addition to the usual reading room,stack and work areas ;facilities for exhibition,seminers flim show are available in the big conference hall of the library.
  6. Some attractive furniture like -steel almirah, a big oval design reading table ,Ten computer tables with chairs are available in the library.
  7. The xeox facility is available in the library department.
  8. Fresh drinking water ,running water is avalable here.
  9. The toilet facility is available seperatly for man woman in the library.

Library Staff

Name:Diganta Bora
Name:Dilip Dutta